Thursday, 17 January 2013

Changing weather

Today started as a beautiful day as most days do here on ' the rock in the Med ' and so we decided to go out in the car for a change - as we usually walk. We headed off and finished up in Mosta. Having parked our car in a back street parking not being easy we set off to find the hub of activity, as in all the towns and vilages here we headed for the church.
We walked down the main street looking at the shops and then returned to the square by the church  The sun was still shining so we sat at a street cafe to have a coffee. Just as we finished we noticed a very large black cloud looming in the distance so we thought we had better head on back to the car. As we were walking the rain started and the sky became very black. We were just in the street where our car was parked when down came the most enormous hail stones,we ran to the car but the hail stones hitting us were like shards of glass and they really hurt.
The weather here is amazing!

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