Saturday, 26 January 2013

A trip to Gozo

Although it is winter here we do have some very nice days, as we did on Wednesday and so we decided to have a trip to Gozo. We are very lucky to have a second propery in Gozo which we bought about 10 years ago before deciding to leave the UK completely. This propery has been our holiday home and it still is.
Gozo is much quieter than Malta and is a good place to go and relax especially in the heat of summer. To get to Gozo we have a 40 minutes drive to the north of the island and then a 20 minute ferry ride.
This is the Gozo ferry arriving in the harbour of Mgar on Gozo.


  1. Hope you had a relaxing time in Gozo.

  2. That must be wonderful for you. Here it's very cold at the moment.